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After one week I can say they have made a great improvement on the way I walk, it’s nice to be able to walk with your head up instead of watching the ground, it seems like my ankle is more stable as well on uneven ground. They are comfortable to wear, easy to put on and off, and I have no blisters or bruises or rub marks.

Ron Finucane

My first time dressing up since the accident that caused my foot drop back in 2015. Needless to say the Turbomed adapted well to my dress shoe and once again I continue to be impressed.

Happy Spring everyone!

Kenny Podulsky

On the job site with my XTERN on my right foot. Walking on uneven ground, rebar, broken tiles, mud, broken concrete and bad landscaping. I've been in the trades for over 20 years, my first back surgery was in 2005. I only found out about orthotics for drop foot two weeks ago!! I've never felt so stable and confident walking on job sites.

Cesar Perez

I did (a plastic foot drop AFO) for 6 months and I lost muscle, got the worst blisters on my foot, couldn’t find appropriate shoes and avoided walking and wearing it at all costs. The XTERN is 100% the best thing that happened to me. I can walk, I can play with my dogs, I WANT to exercise, I can wear weather appropriate shoes, even if it’s temporary the XTERN will change your life. Thanks for giving me my life back 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Hannah Carlson

I have had foot drop for 5 years now and went through all the afo's including the step smart but nothing comes close to the XTERN. Balance is a real problem, but now is so much better using the new XTERN. Excited to be back on the trails. Waiting on my JAFO now but this TM is the real thing for me, I can't believe that I just found it a month ago.

Linda Crump

Hello! I’m so thrilled I can hardly stand it! I got my XTERN this afternoon and can’t believe the freedom! I have had foot drop on my L foot for 40 years. (Can’t believe it’s been that long). Have had plastic AFOs which I broke. Blurocker which I fractured and got sick of having a brace in my shoe! My foot would burn with any distance. Was very grateful to have more reassurance re falling as I’m very active. (Did a 1/2 marathon in Feb). So now to have movement in my ankle and foot is just wonderful! Thank you, thank you!

Pauline Waterreus